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Entry #2

First post since 2007.

2013-03-01 16:04:08 by Logini

So I've been occasionally visiting Newgrounds over the last 6 years since my last post, earning medals, downloading music, etc. I find my account has been active all this time, And I haven't made a news post since 2007. So I figured I would make one.


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2013-03-01 16:45:46 372369.jpg

Logini responds:



2013-03-01 16:48:10

Amen, brother. I haven't visited Newgrounds as often ever since the whole design change. This is my first time back in God knows how long.


2013-03-01 17:08:51

Haha, that's pretty interesting. I first stumbled upon Newgrounds in 2007.